Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer

South Florida Visitation Attorney

Divorce can be one of the most emotional and expensive areas of family law, and many people have numerous questions about every step of the process. When clients contact me — Monica L. Sherman, Attorney at Law — I give them the legal counsel they need to effectively resolve their matters.

I help people understand the different possible outcomes of the process regarding issues such as child support, parenting plans, spousal support and attorney’s fees.

Before beginning any case, I take the time to talk with my clients to make sure I have a good understanding of their goals and concerns for the process. I work to find expeditious solutions and carefully manage my time so I can keep my prices low for my clients.

Modifying Existing Divorce Decrees

When divorce orders are created, they are based on the current living situations of all parties. Everything I do for my clients is with the future in mind. I work closely with individuals to create parenting plans that can grow with the children and parents.

If there is a substantial change of circumstances, it may be possible to modify the original arrangements. Child custody, child support and spousal support arrangements can be modified, but property and asset divisions are permanent after the divorce. I work toward achieving a modification for my clients based upon factors including but not limited to job loss, promotion, change of health or change of needs for the parents or child.

People going through divorce often need to address a range of financial and emotional concerns, and it is important to do so with help. As an attorney and counsel at law, I am committed to giving my clients the well-rounded representation they need. Learn more about the representation available by contacting an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney lawyer for a free initial consultation. I can be reached online or by calling 954-514-9637.