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Protect Your Child’s Future And Your Finances

Everyone knows raising children is expensive, but the financial obligations can seem more extreme when the contributions are coming from two separate accounts. Whether you are trying to figure out how much money you will be responsible for paying in child support, or if you want to understand how much you might receive, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer.

I am Monica L. Sherman, Attorney at Law, and I have more than 20 years of experience in achieving the appropriate amount of child support that is either to be paid or received. The biggest factor that determines child support payments is income.

Establish Fair Support Payments

In each case, I work to ensure through the discovery process that the fair support amount is achieved, informed by my knowledge of what deductions are and are not allowed.

In most marriages, it is common for either the husband or the wife to handle the finances. It is rarely a shared responsibility. While that may be effective during the marriage, it can be problematic during the divorce. If you are thinking about getting divorced, it is beneficial to meet with a lawyer so you have a good understanding of what financial documents you need to begin preparing for the child support hearing.

Learn More About Your Rights At A Free Consultation

I work with clients so that they are knowledgeable about their rights and so their rights can be protected throughout the divorce. I also represent unmarried parents facing separation; it is just as important for unmarried parents to work with an attorney as it is for divorcing parents, in order to ensure that paternity is properly established and that each party’s rights are reflected in the ultimate child support arrangement you reach.

My clients appreciate knowing that regardless of what they will need to pay or receive for child support, they will always receive experienced and cost-effective representation for child support issues from me. Contact me online or call my Fort Lauderdale office at 954-514-9637 to schedule your free initial consultation.