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I am committed to the highest personal and professional ethics, and to seeing each client as an individual with unique legal needs.

Trusted and dedicated family law counsel in South Florida for more than 20 years

Helping Florida Families Through Divorce

Financial issues are often the heart of a failing marriage relationship. They can often destabilize your marriage, which ironically can make obtaining a divorce difficult due to the expense.

I am Monica L. Sherman, Attorney at Law, and I offer individuals the effective representation they need at an affordable cost. Divorce and legal counsel can be expensive, but they do not need to be unreasonable.

And it is less costly to work with an attorney and do everything properly the first time than to need to hire an attorney later to correct errors and mistakes.

My Practice Areas

Family Law
Child Support
Domestic Violence
Family Law
Child Support
Domestic Violence

What Can You Expect From Attorney Monica Sherman?

I know what people need in a good family law attorney, and that is exactly what I offer. Some of the many benefits of working with me are:

  • Cost-effectiveness: I effectively identify the issues that need to be addressed and work to find solutions. I manage my time carefully and do not charge clients for every minute detail of their representation.
  • Experience: I have more than 20 years of experience effectively guiding clients through the legal system, and I have successfully handled a great many family law cases – with their varying complexity – over the course of my career.
  • Strength: My determination to achieve a positive outcome and my meticulous attention to detail make me a strong advocate for my clients. I know exactly what to ask or say during questioning and cross-examination to find the answers I need.
  • Accessibility: I’m known for staying in close contact with my clients and frequently checking in to make sure we’re on track with their goals. My clients appreciate my fast turnaround time on all communications and the help I offer completing important legal paperwork.
  • Attentive listening: I am attentive to your specific needs, goals and objectives. I listen carefully so that I fully understand what is most important to you, and where there may be opportunities for negotiation or compromise. My representation is tailored to your individual needs.

From beginning to end, I will be there providing answers and guidance that fully supports you on your journey toward a new life.

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Understanding. Experienced. Trustworthy.

The attorney you choose should be someone you can trust to get things done right. Learn more about me and why I’m the right attorney for you.

Make The Smart Choice When It Comes To Your Representation

Whether you are working through divorce, resolving child support and custody issues or are involved with a restraining order for domestic violence, I can help. Making a smart choice about your legal counsel means finding a family law attorney who provides efficient and affordable representation.

Schedule a free initial consultation and get the advice you need to take the right next steps. Contact me online or call my Fort Lauderdale office at 866-609-0642.